The New Wave Artist

Lola Kaplan has been successfully developing her unique style of soft sculpture over the past 5 years. Drawing upon her classical art training Lola’s painted sculptures fuse together folk influences in a soft sense of humour. Each piece is a distinctive, “Kaplanesque” vision of the interaction between the world of dreams, the world of reality and the world where humans, animals and forces of nature all meld.

Lola creates life scenes using intricately detailed soft sculptures in a bid to recycle childhood into modern statement pieces of art. The end results are unique reinventions of childhood memories.

In Lola’s works the distinctive feature is reflection on woman’s dreaming. Every piece is both playful and thought provoking, balancing internal harmony with a natural world.

Animals and trees have often featured in Lolaʼs creations and in her new exhibition they seem to have a deeper spiritual meaning. In her new works they interact with women and men who are portrayed with their eyes closed deep in their dreams. Resonating Lola’s ever-present vision of our own relationship with the earth, all of its inhabitants and with each other.

Many of Lola’s soft sculptures play with multi-textured surfaces. They are made using cloth, string, paper, hair, leather, wood, steel, rubber and vinyl. They are soft, comfy, colourful and surreal. They laugh, they dream, they droop, they fly and some even splash. They surround, they question, they invite us in and often they make us smile.